Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Herman Cross 2.0

You could say that Herman served as a great bookend for the local cross scene. Kicked off the season in style with a night race that had a ton of fans, beer, and racers. Jeff and his crew put on another top notch race last weekend for the MO State Championships. I would write about my non epic performance but others have summed up the weekend pretty well.

The short version of my race goes as follows. Did a warmup that was too short. Lined up at the back. Early in the first of 4 laps a rider crashed in front of me and that opened a 40 yard gap. I then set out to chase riders. It took me all the first lap to get warmed up since I failed to get in a real warmup. Slowly I caught a few guys. The stairs were brutal to me. I did catch Boz on the end of the third lap and pulled him up to two riders. The four of road together for a short bit and then Boz and his teammate dropped off. I did everything I could to stick with that rider but I was dropped big time. I finished 5th out of 5 in the Masters 30-34 behind Dr. Mark, Jay, Naggie, and a Verge rider. All top notch riders. I finished just behind the 35-39 rider who finished 2nd in his class.

This weekend I will head to KC for Nationals. Tonight I just converted the Rig to cross mode with skinny tires and alternate gearing. Looking at online videos I went with a 32/15 gear for starters and will bring a 13, 14, and 16 with me in case I want to go up or down. After that I will be at CXmas and will enter the family class because I will have my daughter in tow.


Boz said...

Daughter in tow for CXmas???? You trying to teach her how to drink PBR's??? Sorry I'll be missing that.

James Nelson said...

It was to be more of a KATY ride and help with the race but looks like it will be too cold to have her in the trailer.