Friday, December 5, 2008

Cross Progress

This past weekend was another round of pre-bubba memorial. I think some folks really looked forward to the wet and muddy conditions. I'm more indifferent but had a good time while racing. Cleaning my bike wasn't much fun afterwards though.

I lined up in my usual last row starting spot 10 minutes before the race started. It was strung out pretty quickly and I tried to move up on the first couple of higher speed turns before we rolled into a series of slow 180 corners. I made up a few spots there. Then we hit the fast downhill that lead into a tight and slow 180. I pushed my way on the outside while riding in the unmowed grass going into the corner. That gained me a few more spots. Then from there I pretty much road my race. I was happy things strung out quickly because I felt more comfortable going around the course without pure roadies around me. Given the course's slipperly conditions I thought I could carry more speed on some sections of the course. Eventually I settled into a nice battle (meaning-chase some guys) with Wild Track rider and Dent Wizard rider. At one point I crashed infront of them on a tight 180 and I let them around. The next lap I got in front of them and in the same corner I crashed a stick got wedged in my rear brake locking my rear wheel. I had to get off and fix that and start chasing again. From there I started working to pull those guys back. Klages was long gone in front of me but I tried to chase the others down. I kept it in tall gears and road like I was on a single speed. That worked for me. It hurt but it worked. On the uphill sections I would stand and mash the pedals. With a couple to go I caught the Dent Wizard rider and he road on my wheel for a lap but crashed on one of the 180 corners and I was able to keep him at a safe distance after that. Rolled home 15th out of 30. Average.

Overall I wasn't too disappointed with my race but I wonder if I had a better start if I could finish better. Either way I think I'm getting ready for Nationals in a little over a week. Today I plan to conver the Rig to Cross mode and may ride that Sunday in Herman. The thought of those stairs brings pain to my body.

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