Saturday, August 9, 2008

Week Off

No real riding this week. I did get in a nice 2.5 hour ride Sunday but after that I did a lot of walking Monday through Thursday. 10 miles Mon, 13 Tues, 11 Wed, 10 Thurs.

Before I left I did manage to eject myself at the dirt crit. There is a small story about my lack of skill in this photo but I'll not bore you with it. Instead just enjoy these series of photos. I'll admit that the water felt refreshing since it was hot out. Also note the 3 point stance the Kaitai took in its refusal to fall. Kind of reminds me of a horse who bucks it's rider and then just stands there while the rider lays on the ground. Ass.

We went on a family trip on the train to Chicago to spend a few days and see the museums. Also saw a lot of fixed gear/single speed messenger bikes. Probably the most tricked out was a Klein Quantum Pro (Al/Carbon) frame, Spinergy Rev X wheels, single speed. It had flat handle bars that were about 12" wide. Just wide enough to fit mountain bike grips so all you saw was left grip, stem, and right grip. It also had a single rear brake. They guy polished it off by wearing an old school black leather helmet. Perhaps he is Style Man's brother.

Hope to get back on the bike more this week. Skipped out of the Tour of KC which was bit of a bummer. Next year is my year.


Boz said...

That pic is funny as hell. That creek ate a lot of bikes and riders. Bob Crow did a total Olympic dive into that mutha on the last lap of the race and I watched the whole thing while half laughing and half asking if he was okay.

Boz said...
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