Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hitting the books

This past week I kicked off a full campaign of studying for an exam....that is 2.5 months away. In between study sessions I went to work and did some riding and got a race permitted for Sept 21. I did hit the Tuesday worlds and made some glories riding around the pack moves. Didn't really feel slow or that bad, but just didn't care it seemed. Finish in the back of the pack. I did avoid the big crash what started when a guy next to me decided to stand on the "climb", rubbed elbow or shoulders with the guy next to him and then brought down a lot of riders.

Did some running to break things up and one slow ride on the cross bike to Cattlewood. Thursday must of been the day to go because the place was packed. Not much else this week.

The weekend brought the in-laws in to town. My father in law wanted to ride and drink some beer. Two things I can help out with. Did 20 miles with him and Sara on Saturday. Then I studied in the afternoon while they all went to Creve Couer park with the trailer and Sara's brother. They road while her brother ran 10 miles. Pretty good for a 16 year old. Hopefully he keeps it up and can break a 18 min 5k this year.

Sunday the three of us did another 30 miles of fun in Wildwood. Ton of riders out. It was wicked nice. Then more studying for me. That will be more of a priority for the next couple weeks. Maybe this "intense training session block" will give me a break from things so then cross season will be a good reward after Oct 24th.

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