Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our biweekly Friday afternoon ride started out dry and ended dry. The middle part was pretty wet. We made it out to the store in St. Albins and only experienced a minor drizzle on Bouqet. Started the return trip and it rained pretty much from before Bouqet back to Rockwood Reservation. It wasn't too bad really. Temps were mild, no lightening, and only painfull thing was dropping down Melrose. Rain at >30mph hurts. 40 miles or riding, 25 were wet. There were hardly any cars out and even less riders. Riding in the rain still beats working for the man anyday.

Most guys have a wife you who says, "It looks like it could rain, you still going riding?" Mine says, "It looks like it could rain, but it isn't raining now so we are going riding!" It was a good time. Of course I was the lucky one who got to clean the bikes and drivetrains. Also the fun of dismounting tires to drain water out of the rim times four. I don't mind. Working on bikes is relaxing. They are simple machines and give me a break from the fluid dyanmics I've studying this week.

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Boz said...

Amen to that. I love riding in the rain even if it does mean breaking the bike down afterwards. The stinging of the rain is a minor inconvenience.