Thursday, July 17, 2008

Right Bike Wrong Motor

Another week of dirt crits. New course. Back to the back of Castlewood and the traditional dirt crit circa 2003. I did a test ride on Wednesday and determined I would ride my cross bike. Nothing against the Kaitai, but this weeks dry, wide, and fast course demanded I take some skinny tires and 2 more gear combos.

The start. I think I may of been next to last. I got a horrible start. Into the twisty stuff and I managed not to get dropped, except by the lead group. The start of the lap was open field and then some single track that wasn't technical but bumpy and twisty for a cross bike. Not too bad really, but I was holding on for dear life. I played follow the leader and then we hit the section by the bunkers. I made use of my Push to Pass Button and took off. Passed some riders in an attempt to catch the lead pack. I was paying for my bad start. Pretty much did that the rest of the race. Made up time on the double track section along the river and followed people in the twisty sections.

Never did catch the lead group or the leader. I did pick off a few more riders and ended up top 10 I think. One thing I did notice is I had to much pressure in my tires. I was concerned about pinch flats, so ran higher pressures. Bad idea. I felt every bump. I didn't flat though so that was good. I was happy with the cross bike and will run it again next week. I did have to pay attention more to what I was doing because the bike was more lively than a typical mountain bike. I just have to learn to relax a little more so my forearms don't hurt as bad afterwards. Logan ended up winning the B race on a cross bike so next week I work on getting a better start and shoot for a top 5 result.


Country Grammar said...

Cavendish is the Man!
I will do the dirt crits next Thursday. Last night was my last night officiating summer league basketball. See you then.


Jeff Yielding said...


Thanks for the tip on the cross bike, I'll bring both bikes next week. I'll try out the cross bike in the A race and it I like, I'll stick with it for the B race.


Boz said...

I also ran higher pressure in my cross tires and it killed my lower back due it transmitting every bump, rock, and root up through the bike. The 'push to pass' button was definitely a plus though. Unfortunately I'm not fast enough to fly past many A racers.