Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mackland Mile

Ah, the 4th. We headed down to South City for Big River Running's First Annual Mackland Mile. Price was low, course was short, and the fun to be had was extreme. Plus it had a later start of 9am which was nice. As the name indicates the race was only a mile. Point to point. Men start at 9:00AM and women at 9:15AM. Chip timing was used so that meant you didn't have to on the front line to get a good time in the record books. The extra bonus was it was a down hill route. I lined up way in the back because I was pushing the jogger. Yep, me and the daughter. I was jazzed and she slept.

I let the last of the starters get about 50 yards down the road and then I started. Nothing like having a couple hundred rabbits to chase down. It was pretty cool to have the entire width of the road and I needed it so I didn't cut anyone off. I had no expectations of what my finish time would be. I was really just wanting to run fast and not run over anyone with the jogger. It was fun and waiting helped because I pretty much stayed to the left curb and passed people. I have a bell on the jogger to warn walkers around the local streets and trying to warn racers of my impending pass didn't really work. They just thought I was cheering them on. Not to worry I had plenty of space to get around everyone and most people made sure to get out of my way. I think we were the first jogger to finish. Not sure on that. They announced it anyways. Of course I was beaten to the line by my daughter. Yeah, I probably will have to get to used to that more later in life. I ran a 5:58.1. Not shabby for a guy that only runs once a week and never does speed workouts and drank many a beer the night before at the Dirt Crit.

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Chris said...

Heck on wheels I can do a mile faster than that! 8 wheels of my inline skates, running not so much.