Friday, July 4, 2008

Kaitai 2, Me 0

Last night was round two of the dirt crit series. Started out a wonderful night. Since they have food Sara decided to run over, eat, and then run back. I got the Doodle bug all setup to tow over with the Kaitai and then had the jogger wheel so she could run home. Sara went over and got a head start ran to Castlewood from home. I pulled the kid-o in the trailer and caught up to Sara on Keifer Creek. Few comments from passing racers about my whole setup and what race we (Elaine and I) were entering. Sara grabbed a beverage and some food. Lucky for me I also brought the Doodle Bug rain cover and put that on while converting it from trailer to jogger because at the end of the A race it started to rain. By the end it was an out right down pour. Start of the B race was wet. Standing water wet. Riding in a river of water wet. Not good for me since I stink at muddy cross races.

Once again I failed to go when the race started and got shuffled back. Bad move. Got around a few folks and then at 1/4 into the lap I crashed. My bike has new free tires, but free tires are not always good tires. Down i went in the middle of the pack. I moved out of the trail and waited for the rest of the race train to pass. I got going again and then crashed, again. This time I had not only hurt my pride, but also broke a spoke. Stupid aluminum nipple broke. Rolled around to the S/F line, tied the broken spoke around a nonbroken spoke and got going. I think I managed to pass 3 people after that. Got done, couldn't see, got lapped and then I looked at my rear wheel. 2 more broken spokes for a total of 3. All three where in the same spot on the wheel. Amazing the thing still rolled straight. I, along with every other racer, was covered in mud. Jumped in the creek to wash off along with my bike. I was covered in mud and needed wash off everything. Topped the evening off with a couple of cold beers and a couple of ribs.

Thanks Pfoodman and everyone else that helped. It was epic. Now I have to actually put some money into the Kaitai and rethink my tire choices. Once again the Katai showed it's anger at not being ridden for several years. I'll try again next week.

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