Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finally some good rides

Went to KC for a wedding. Also took the mountain bikes and took advantage of the grand parents a little. Thursday we got out for 21 miles on the Little Blue Parkway. It is a chat trail, along the Little Blue River in Independence. It wasn't so bad, except I was on my single speed and Sara had gears and kept trying to drop me. I got in 20 miles of high cadence work that's for sure.

Friday we had some things in the afternoon to do, but we hit Shawnee Mission Park for a couple laps before lunch. What a great trail. It was so worth getting up early for that. Prime single speed course.

Saturday was wedding day. Sara went running in the AM, while I watched F1 qualifying.

Sunday we got up and my parents again watched our daughter and we took the short drive from my parents to Landahl. We were both there, but didn't race. We did a couple laps in between the trail runs and when the mtn bike races that started at noon. Again, another 100% sweet trail experience. We even did an extra lap when we probably should of left to go meet some family for lunch (not my family). Sara put it best, "If we do another lap it is less time we have to spend that their house." Ah, nice way to put it. It was so worth being late.

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