Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dirt Crit Test Run

Went out and checked out the dirt crit course today. They start Thursday and I have been thinking about what bike to ride; single speed, cross bike, or shifty bike. I took the cross bike out tonight. I was surprised how dusty the trails were. The sand pits have been modified so there is one good line and deep sand off line. I did a couple laps. The only big surprise was coming around a blind corner head on with another rider. He grabbed a ton of brake and did a dukes of hazard slide job while I straight lined the corner wide like Vettel at the start of an F1 GP. We both stopped, apologized, and continued on. The river is up around the bunker so that portion of trail will probably be skipped this week.

I was pretty happy with my couple of laps. I think a cross bike could work. But I'm a little unsure of my braking ability if a guy in front of me has full disc brakes I have POS cross brakes. I'm also not sure if cross tires would hold up on the new portion of the dirt crit loop. They work fine while riding, but racing tends to be a little harder on tires. For this week I'll play it safe and bring a mountain bike. Probably a shifty bike because I don't feel like changing over my single speed to a super tall gear. Maybe next week. No matter what I ride it should be fun.

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Boz said...

I think it's going to come down more to a choice of tires. Cross tires, slicks, fatties. I'm running a geared hardtail 29er, for sure. See you there.