Sunday, January 27, 2008

Enough Riding, Time to Work Now

Well the past 2 weeks has gone by pretty fast. Even with the small chaos at home I did manage to get in a lot of riding. Some on the trainer when it was 10 degrees and there was football to watch. Some miles on the frozen trails. It was great to get out on my mountain bike during the week on the frozen trails. I got in some road miles as well. I even did some two a days with running and biking in the morning and then more running in the evening. Now I have to head back to work. Not that I don't enjoy my job, but this Mr. Mom stuff is pretty enjoyable. I now see the beauty of Wyman's summer bliss.

One highlight from this week I was able to witness Jeremy really stuff himself into the ground while riding up hill. It was epic. He had reflectors on his new bike and I made fun of him. He told me he was going to ride so hard that they would fall off. Well climbing up Love Trail he some how managed to run of the trail and into a tree and completely taco'd his front wheel. Of course the reflectors still stayed on the wheel. This wheel had about 2 hours of riding on it total before then. I looked at it and informed him that the wheel wouldn't roll because it hit the front fork because it was so bent. I told him it needed the Dan-O special wheel truing treatment. What is that? It is when you take the wheel, and walk over to a big tree or rock. Then proceed to beat the part of the wheel that is most out of true against this large object. Jeremy took up the challenge since it was his wheel. Two slams against the tree and it was almost straight. Not perfect, but ridable. I've seen this technique a few times and while not it is not the preferred truing method, it does work great on cheap wheels or if you are out on the trail miles from your car.

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Country Grammar said...

Right on James! I have only 74 more days of work and then a few months off with the girls.

Email next time you head out for some mtn riding.

Back to work.