Saturday, December 8, 2007

Twas the night before Cross-mas

This week has been slow but hopefully I'm not slow on Sunday in Herman. I ran a couple times outside and on the treadmill, and also did a couple hours on the trainer. Hopefully I can pull out another top result. It looks like another wet and cold one is in store for tomorrow. I talked to my parents earlier and KC has >0.10" of ice and there were all kinds of crazy wrecks. They expect KC to be frozen and wet until Wednesday. Somehow I don't think the nationals course will be as dry and fast as it was 5 weeks ago when I raced on it. I am racing the single speed in KC and plan to run my 32/13 gear, but I will have my 32/15 gear ready in case I need it. I really should get a 14 and maybe I'll call around and get one before I go to KC. I'm an engineer with an automotive racing back so these gear ratios are big deal for me to figure out.

Hopefully we can avoid the ice and I can make it to Herman Sunday without any problems. Matt is going to tag long and heckle me during the race as well as support other teammates.

I'm pretty pumped to try a do well in Herman but I'm also looking forward to next weekend and nationals in KC. We will be bringing: keg of O'Fallon to share with one and all, a grill, a pop up tent with sides, Shark costumes, cow bells, and a cheering section for all local racers. Please stop by Saturday and Sunday and join us if you can. Look for the Army pop up tent and a big keg of beer. You won't be able to miss seeing or hearing us.

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