Sunday, December 9, 2007

Time to stop riding with gears

Matt and I went to Herman for the state cross race. I raced and he heckled. Great combo. It was sloppy like last week so I wasn't hoping for much in way of race performance. I did give my best but I just suck in the pure mud conditions we have been racing the last two weeks. I tend to do better on a faster course it seems. Herman was a great course and all those lame StL racers who refuse to drive more than 20 miles to a race missed a great time. They all want EXTREME CROSS CONDITIONS, but only if they don't have to leave St. Louis county. Two tumbs up to Jeff for a fine event and a great course. Hopefully they have the state race there next year.

I hope not to suck that bad next Sunday in SS at nationals, but somehow I think with all the pros racing single speed I could get lapped. My goal to race from the back up to mid pack. I'm going to try riding a more mud suitable tire in KC and maybe that will be all I need to do better. I raced the course at the end of October and it was a great the dry. Either way we will have a tent, a grill, a keg, cowbells and shark costumes. I going to have fun no matter how my race goes.

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