Friday, November 23, 2007


Well I made it through the Turkey Day 3 miler. I did lose to my 15 year old brother in law by a few seconds. I'm fine with that, because I can drink beer and he can't. Young Martin,, also passed me in the last mile. He's fast at everything I guess. The post run breakfast did not disappoint and hopefully we can do it again next year.

Thanksgiving Day in general went pretty good. We didn't run out of food, but we didn't have too many left overs remaining. Today has been a recovery day of sorts from drinking and eating. I did ride over to Castlewood with my father in law. He brought his helmet, pedals and shoes. SO I bolted his pedals to my shifty bike and we pedaled on over to Castlewood and road around the river trails four an hour or so. It was is first mountain biking experience which was completed by his first mountain bike crash. Not a big incident, but he did go down. He shrugged it off and keep on rolling. I hope to be that active in 25 years.

Tonight and Saturday will be filled with more family time. Sunday will be another cross race and I really want get back in the top 10 and not crash this week.

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