Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ready for Turkey

After running around all morning on Wednesday I was able to sneak in a ride at Chubb today with Bryan and Alan. It opted out and road a bike with gear today. Karma got back at me for that because I had a flat on the trail. I should really just stick to what I know; 1 gear and big wheels. It was dry when we started, but it did rain while we were on the trail. Chubb with leaves and rain is pretty tough, but it was made tougher by my totally worn out rear tire. We took things easy and made it back to the car just before another rain shower came through.

Tonight starts off a marathon of eating, drinking, football, drinking, and eating. I am going to run the Kirkwood Turkey Day run Thanksgiving morning so don't call me a total slacker. Afterward we are headed over to a friend's house for breakfast that features made to order waffles. How great is that! It will be a good way to get out in the morning with my brother and Sara's brother and avoid any kitchen duty. Then head back home to continue drinking and eating. All this cross training will payoff on Sunday at the cross race. Hopefully the weather isn't too bad and I can get out on the bike with my father in law and my brother on Friday or Saturday. Sara's dad already called to confirm he is being his road bike which is sweet. Some people hate their in-laws and complain all the time about them. Not me. Sara's dad always wants to go ride and he always has a cold 12 pack of Budweiser in the fridge for me. So in a way going to see Sara's parents actually increases my weekly mileage, and that is fine by me.

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