Saturday, January 16, 2010

Furby vs. Armstrong

Today while I riding with my daughter in tow I was listening to the Spokesman Podcast. Those affiliated with family services can relax. I was on a multiuse path, had only one ear bud in, and had bells and reflectors. Anyways, the panel was discussing various topics Fred related and they mentioned that Lance Armstrong became all "furby" like with his adoption of social media in his comeback. That got many thinking. Dangerous I know.

First thought, the effect social media and Web 2.0 and it's impact on subcultures. More specifically our cycling community. Local and global. I won't bother with you any long winded description on that. My brother already wrote an graduate level paper, which has been published here, on the internet and subcultures and offers great insight into a website run by a certain Big Johnny and how is a prime example. Big Johnny gave him an A on it.

I'll stop digressing now.

Second thought and point of this rambling. Back to the Armstrong is Furby like thing. Since both are on the internet I thought I would compare the two to prove that Lance is no Furby. But it might be cooler if he was.

Round #1: Who was there first?

Easy. Furby. He was blogging way before Armstrong was twittering. He may not travel to Hawaii for training but he does provide some great training insght.

Round #2: Who has more watts/oz?

Seems like every "serious" cyclist has a powermeter these days. I don't have one, because...well.... I'm more concerned about the beer being cold after the ride then how many watts I averaged or maxed out on during a climb. If you take total watts and noralize it by dividing by beer consumed in oz. per week Fubry's Watts/oz is far superior to that Tour de France winner.

Round #3: Who has done more for the cancer community?

I have to give Armstrong at least on softball. But Fatty would give him a run for the money.

Round #4: Guy I would like to ride with, but haven't.

Riding with Lance would be a pain. All those cars, cameras, and on lookers? Pfft. Have you seen some of his rides? 1000+ showed up in Ireland. 5000 in Australia. Talk about road rage from drivers?!?!?! I would feel much safer with Furby. Keep the group small. Besides at the end of the ride, or more likely during, there will be beer. Cold, clean, refreshing beer. He also has the can lead you the best road food out there. I challenge Lance to name one convenience store food that makes for excellent cycling fuel.

I think it is safe to say that both Furby and Armstrong have adopted Web 2.0 as a way to keep in touch with their cronies, but I also know that Mr. Armstrong is no Furby.

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Brian said...

In 2010 I am going to use the Internet and social networking media propaganda devices to become a more touchy, feely, "Furby-like" Furby.

I'm not gonna lie to you. I've grown to hate the Internet and it's lack of any true connection to anybody else. People used to write love letters to each other. Then they talked on the phone. Now they tweet.

Those methods and texting, email, etc. are effective ways to keep people at a distance if you don't want them trying to become full-fledged members of your life story. It's pretty fucked up. That's why I don't blog as much as I used to.

It's not shocking that various celebrities are using the Internet as a tool to make millions of fake friends. These "friends" provide the steady supply of income required to live a comfortable, celebrity lifestyle.

Keep up the good work.