Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bubba Opener

Bubba series kicked off Saturday night. Wasn't sure what to expect from a racing stand point, but I knew it would be hard and fast. the course was flast, had gravel, fast sections, and some tight stuff.

Lined about a few rows back. Off the start the rider in front of me stalled and plowed into him which wasn't fun. Meant I was going into the first 180 about 20th. Sweet! Two words summarize my night: crashing and chasing. I can recall clearly 6 crashes that occurred 1 or 2 riders in front of me. First lap to last lap and every lap in between. In 180 corners, sweepers, left, rights. Didn't matter. If there was crash in the B race it happened just ahead of me. And of course each time it caused a gap which then caused me to chase. The lead group of 8-10 riders was continually about 20-50 yards ahead of me. To me the course was in two parts. Flat, roadie friendly to start. then a tight twisty section for dirt heads. One rider and I passed back and fourth several times. He would pass me on the open sections, and I would repass in the twisty section. Finally made it close the large lead pack with 1 to go but I was gassed from chasing all race long. Overall came home 8th.

I was happy with the result. Little frustrated because I felt like I could done better, but not disappointed because haven't really "trained" a lot this year. Just worked on riding when I can and having fun. The CX season is nearly 2 months long so hopefully can build some form as the season progresses.

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