Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saying Goodbye

We've been together for 5 years, you and I. It was love at first sight. It took a while to find you. Once I found you it took a few months before you were ready to come home. You were worth the wait.

You were always there, waiting patiently for your time to go out. You never got upset when I left at you home and took out another.

Then there two. The day we brought home your companion and replaced part of you with non-OEM part you were so so happy.

You didn't complain when we took another to Colorado for two weeks in 2006. Remember how we made up at the 12 hour race after that? We took you there to ride. But we took our time to ride a couple laps at leisurely pace while others were racing.

In 2008 teamed up to make our debut on a national scene. 2008 Cyclocross Nationals. We made a great team. That day we were the first race of the day. 8 am, mid-teens, frozen solid ground, covered in snow and ice. It was a great time. In the end we brought home a finish on the lead lap and even beat a great racer, Gunnar Shogren.

In the recent years I took some time away from you. You still didn't complain. While I dabbled in the latest damper technology from the fine folks at Fox, you patiently waited because you knew I would be back.

And when I returned it felt so great to be back out with you. That is why today was so horrible. They trails were frozen. We headed to Chubb. It was like old times. Others said, "No way, your are crazy!" But you didn't pay any attention to the nay sayers. We took our time and just enjoyed the day. At the end is went it all went wrong. You could of told me how you feeling before it happened, but now there is no going back. What is done, is done.

It is time to say goodbye. I will miss you. You cannot and will not be replaced.

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