Friday, July 24, 2009

Spectator Down

Last nights down pour and slick conditions were enough for me not to race the A race. Probably could of entered the B races but it was still muddy and I was already a few beers into full cheeering mode. Anyways for the Bs I gave a PBR handup to THE LC, it was his race. Then when running to give another PBR handup to Matt from the Seagals I heard and felt a pop. Spectator down. Turns out I have a broken foot.

So I don't race so play it safe and I break my foot spectating. Snap!

1 comment:

Boz said...

Call it bad kharma, but weren't you the guy who gave me a ribbing for banging his elbow getting back into mountain biking??? ;-)

Bad news for sure. Heal well. You're a damn good spectator, but a much better racer!