Thursday, April 16, 2009

Training Like a Pro

I've been doing a lot of training lately. If I was riding as much as I was studying I would be logging some big miles.

Today I...
Drank coffee while I reviewed engineering problems at 6AM.
Did a 4 hour practice test from 7:17 to 11:17 AM. That's half the PE exam.
Mowed the yard for a study break. 35 minutes.
Reviewed my practice test. I got a passing grade at least.
Did 3 more hours of studying.

After all that studying I went out for a short mountain bike ride. It was too nice out. For the recorded I didn't go out for a ride until it was after my usual get home from work time. I also opted for gears. Been having some knee issues lately so I'm letting my beloved Rig get some rest. I thought my knee was getting better but I road my SS and while it was a great ride for me, it wasn't a good ride for me knee. Although while riding with gears today I found myself wanting to mash big gears like I was on a SS. Kept having to remind myself to spin easy. I also saw the guy who wants to sell your year and Twister in the parking lot.

Then while riding Love trail towards Reis and home I felt the dreaded rear squish. I got a flat on the way home. Tried to put some air in it with my pump while I waited at the stop light at Big Bend. No go there. No big deal. Only 1 mile from the house. I can walk. I didn't feel like replacing a tube only 1 mile from the house. I had the tools, but busting a bead on a tubeless tire rather sucks and when you don't really want to do it. But cyclist karma was on my side because I was offered a ride by a guy who I see very frequently at Castlewood. Appreciate it man. I'll pay it forward. That marks twice I've been given a lift home from a cyclist I didn't know.

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