Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Frozen Trails

This morning we planned to go for a road ride. Last night I spent about an hour getting the road bikes cleaned up, some tire changes, slight cable adjustments to fix some minor shifting issues. I find working on bikes a bit relaxing and I have a nice mini workshop setup so I enjoy doing that stuff. Woke up this morning and saw the temps and wind chill. We opted for a mountain bike ride instead. I then took 10 mins to get both our single speeds ready. Amazing how easy those things are to prep for a ride. Here is my normal check list: Do the tires have air? Is the chain super dry or not? Done. So simple to get going. We managed 1.5 hours of frozen trail times. Sara was on fire. For a person who mountain bikes once a month she rolls very well. Climbed everything, plus a few spots I didn't and bombed the descents faster then I could keep up with times on my rigid bike.

After that we picked up our daughter and hit Lone Wolf for a late breakfast and some tasty coffee.

Getting ready for some Tour of Cali coverage this afternoon. Last day. Two things have confirmed my appreciation for Chris Horner's abilities. Once early this week he was asked by Johan where he was at. His reply, "In and Out Burger, cheese burger, fries, coke and chocolate shake." This morning at the team breakfast he and his girlfriend walked in with two huge boxes of doughnuts. A guy after my own heart. Puts in tons of miles who then eats what he wants after wards. I enjoy riding a lot, but truly enjoy the ability to enjoy some "excess" calories with minimal consequences. Plus the guy can motor on the front for his team. Maybe that should my new training plan. 100 mile days and doughnuts.

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