Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Break

Now that cross season is over I guess I can start rebuilding for next year. Who am I kidding? I don't have a plan. I just ride my bike. Given the craptastic weather this past week I've logged some trainer time. This morning I road a nice 1.5 hours while watching a 2001 Tour DVD. Didn't really have much structure just tried to keep the legs spinning at higher than normal cadence for me. I've gotten used to a slow pedal RPM and need to work on that I think. Watching old races is a bit inspiring because I tend to pick up the pace when they come down to a sprint finish or when they are attacking like made in the mountains.

Later today I head out for a series of adventures to visit family. One cool thing is when going to the in-laws I can just take my pedals, shoes, and other riding clothing and use one of his bikes. He has two road bikes and a Long Haul Trucker waiting for us to ride when we get there. How great is that!!! That's almost pro. Just show up and your bike is there ready to go!

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