Thursday, October 9, 2008

Trainer Rides

This week I road the trainer a couple of times. One day it was raining. The others I just didn't have the chance to leave the house so I road inside. One positive is I think riding the trainer forces me to do a better workout rather than just riding to Castlewood and back on whatever bike I choose. Tonight I did go out for a hot lap of the front side of Castlewood on the single speed. Met up with a teammate who is going down for the 6hr class at the Bluffs this weekend. I tried to keep a good pace and hopefully wasn't too slow for him. I'll be greatly missing that event while I travel out of town for another wedding. Life happens, but I'll be back at the Burnin' next year.

2.5 weeks till I resume normal life on the bike.

1 comment:

Boz said...

2.5 weeks will be over before you know it and then let the real racing begin. Just in time for the Bubba and Nats.