Saturday, September 6, 2008

Slow Week

Didn't do much this week. After 6 hours Saturday I went out for 42 miles with Sara on Sunday. I was in the hurt locker. I had no go. At 20 miles I ate my Clif bar. At 30 miles I ate Sara's Clif bar. At 32 miles I was dropped by her going north through Rockwood Reservation. Seems like the 0.005% slope of Rockwood was too much. Guess I didn't eat enough Saturday during and after the race. Don't worry Sara put me in my place by calling me slow, old man, fred, etc.
The picture below illustrates how much I got dropped. The small spec at the top is my lovely spouse. She is faster than me.

Later Sunday we went down to watch the GIRO GIRO GIRO and have some pasta. Hard to beat $7 dinner on the Hill.

The work week consisted of me studying, getting a bad cold, and more studying. I road the trainer 30 minutes and that was about it for me this week. I haven't had a cold this bad in a long time.

Weekend of great weather has arrived and I'm feeling better. Still studying and hope to make it out for some riding Saturday and Sunday. At least go out for some hot laps on the cross bike and maybe pull my daughter around for some strength work.

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Boz said...

get that cold and studying behind you. Mid-October will be here soon enough and it's time for a little slice of Belgium.