Sunday, September 28, 2008

Made it out for a couple of back to back days of riding. Friday the wife and I went out for 2 solid hours of mountain biking. A rare thing this summer given all the rain. It was good. She was really pushing on logless roller coaster. It was not having an easy time keeping up. Our 2nd lap of the front side she was even faster. Dropped me down Grotpeter (going CW). I spun out both times up Lone Wolf which meant walking for me once I spun out, but she road it in the middle ring no problem. Show off.

Friday night was an even more rare night ride at Castlewood. I had never road my single speed at night until Friday. Always dreaded the full rigid in the darkness. Always felt I would bash my hands because I would be hitting stuff I don't see. Turns out, not that bad. Fun really.

Saturday we headed out on a road ride bright and early. 7am. It was cool, sunny, and truely awesome. 35+ miles of hills and fun.

Sunday I passed on Bubba 0.5 and studied. Took a 4 hour practice exam. It took me 5 hours.


Boz said...

You missed a good race and a good opportunity to ride me into the ground. I'm sure you're looking forward to getting the exam done and getting cx into full swing. Dirt crit this weekend?

James Nelson said...

Maybe. Going to KC for my brother's wedding. I could make it back in time for the race, but not sure if that will happen. At minimum I plan to come over and check out the duo races and have a beer.