Saturday, September 20, 2008

3 days and 3 rides

Well after 4 days off the bike and doing nothing I made it out for some mountain bike. Shirt rides, but it was riding none the less. At least I'm able to open the garage door and ride to the trails at Castlewood. Makes life grand. I haven't mtn biked much this summer except for the dirt crits, but I don't count those as true mtn bike rides. They are fun and fast, but not technical and no climbing is invovlved.

Mtn bike ride #1
Equipment: 2000 Gary Fisher Kai Tai with mostly free stuff. It is in good running condition but I don't spend much money on it outside maintenance. If fact the tires are freebees I think Sara won.
Review: After riding a new Fox RLC a spring in oil RockShox isn't much use. In fact, it sucks.
Ride: Short, about 1 hr, dry trails, 3 hike bike sections due to downed trees. Felt squirlly and realized how much I stink at riding a mountain bike.

Mtn bike ride #2
Equipment: Gary Fisher Rig, original Purple edition. Has recently received a new custom built front wheel, new cranks Bontrager SS cranks and Crank Brothers bottom bracket.
Review: Man I love this bike. Even though it is full rigid and completely amish I love this bike much more than the bike from Ride #1. Also thought, why didn't I put in a new BB sooner, this new one is so much nicer.
Ride: Short, 1hr, road the same route at Ride #1, but felt much more comfortable overall.

Mtn bike ride #3
Equipment: Gary Fisher Rig, original Purple edition.
Review: Still love this bike. Climbs well, corners well, tons of fun. Did drop the front tire some because I had way to much pressure in it from ride #2.
Ride: Road the DRJ Race course backwards. Saw 5 other riders, 3 of whom did not have on helments. Stopped at Lone Wolf to check out the river, still up and flooded. Also crossing the creek at the bottom of Lone Wolf is much different than earlier. Took me a minute to figure out where to cross because it was so much different. Overall good ride.

Saturday is Herman Cyclocross race. Should be a good time.

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