Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Short Week

Had a great weekend. Woke up to LeMans Saturday and Sunday. I managed to turn out an hour or so watching the first hour of live race coverage Saturday. Ever since I was pretty little I have really enjoyed watching sportscars. All the different makes, styles, classes, the endurance distances have made me a fan for a long time. The first pro race I ever went to was a IMSA GTP weekend to open Heartland Park. Sure I had been to some WoO races at Odessa and those things are cool, but seeing a F40 drive into turn one with red hot rotors followed by an Audi with Hans Stuck followed by the Bob Wallock in a 962 and finally Davy Jones in a Jaguar GTP was just awesome to a kid like me. After a long day I finally watched the start of the 12hr marathon of coverage Saturday night. Sunday I got up early and watched the final 3.5 hours. Great race. Audi pulled it off one more time.

Then for fathers day Sara arranged to have a sitter and we went on a nice 2.5 hour ride. It was sweet. I think she did it more for her, but played it off like it was for me. Regardless it was truly sweet. Unfortunately due to the timing I couldn't make the Seaguls race at Chubb. Next time I'm going.

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Chris said...

I was just thinking earlier tonight I was going to need to give you trouble for not blogging much.