Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Raining and Training

Sara and I managed to squeeze in a ride Friday before the rains came and before we headed to Rolla for the 100th annual St. Pat's. Nothing too crazy, just some nice Wildwood hills.

All the others fail to compare to Rolla. Lots of beer was consumed. Campus even had a beer truck for alumni before and after the parade. The clydesdales were there. I didn't drive a car for almost 2 days. It was sweet. Lots of beer and lots of walking around town. On my friends broke himself Friday and didn't even hang around for Saturday night. Cat 5 performance at a Pro/1/2 drinking weekend.

I missed the race Sunday, but there will be others. I did do some trainer rides Monday and Tuesday night. Went for a run tonight. No serious intervals or structured workouts for me. I just ride, drink, and ride some more. The family is doing well too.

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