Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cross Season Has Started

So I created this blog a few months ago. Now, I'll try and update it more often.

Well recently I have been racing off road. The 12 hour Burnin' Race was a great time as always. I had some great team members who were making their racing debuts. As a whole we did good. Didn't get last in coed, no one crashed hard, and everyone drank a lot. I had the worst luck by flatting 5 times over two days and toasting my shifty bike. Well I deserve that since I don't normally ride it and will try not to ride it much anymore. Matt laid down some great laps and put me to shame. I made a great 1st lap of 1 hr 25min, and was beginning to pick up the trail a bit more and shoot for a 1hr 20min 2nd lap when I flatted a mile 2 out of 14. So I change that, dial down my pace some so I don't get another flat and finish with a 1hr 36min. Lame. My 3rd lap was a night and was really slow since I took my time because my other teammates were done and not going out again before 9pm. It was a great time and am looking forward to next year.

Skip ahead to this past weekend. Saturday was a super fast non-technical race at Spanish Lake. I picked Matt up and he and I went racing. Our wives joined forces and went to some super huge baby garage sale to do some damage. To my surprise I saw the Bugman there. What hell? He some of the nicest and coolest road bikes around and he shows up on a sweet old school bike to race on the dirt. But hey he is fast and hell so who I am to call him out. I enter Singlespeed and Matt entered Sport. Matt and I made it around for a lap before the race started, which was good because this was a fast trail and I needed relearn how twisty the start was. So we start. Sport first, then endurance, and then finally single speed 2 minutes back of sport. I started hard so I didn't get screwed on the entry into to woods. I quickly realize the top 2 are going much harder then me. I settle in and Rich passes me early in the 1st lap. I get back around him and drop him and I'm sitting 3rd. Then I begin catching sport and endurance riders. They were cool with giving me space to pass. I was surprise to see Matt because he smoked me at the 12hr race the week before. Bad day for him. Then I pick off a few more non singlespeed riders. Caught the Bugman as we entered the woods and he let me by gracefully. Man I was surprised to catch him, but at least he is keeping it upright and riding strong. At the end of the 3rd lap a singlespeed rider catches me and we road together pretty much all the 4th lap. He ended up passing me just before the last section of woods and I tried to stay with him on the single track. No luck there, I suck. Ended up 4th by 10 seconds. Best SS result of the year.

Now Sunday. Cyclocross races start. Same single speed, new 32/13 gearing and skinny tires. I entered the B races this year after my success in the C's last year, but I never won a C race so don't call me a Sandbagger or D'Bag. I lay back at the start, which was a mistake. I got screwed by non-bike handling people in front of me. No worries, I started to repass those people. I even passed the Pfoodman which was surprising. He is fast, but was having a bad day. I did manage one massive crash at the barriers where my foot failed to unclip. After that I settled into a small group with Jose, Klages, and 2 others. We road around a few laps together, but they were riding their brakes on the fast downhill onto the pavement and that was bothering me. So I moved to the front and pushed the pace some and then got repassed on the road. I made two attacks that were useless. Then towards end of the race I made another attack and Jose followed. We dropped the others. Then Jose and I road a few laps together. Not sure if we picked it up or the others slowed down. Anyways we opened a gap, but on the last lap Jose dropped me. Really, I dropped myself. I ended up 11th out of 24 in the B race. Pretty good for me. It was great race and I even had a mini cheering section so that was cool. I'm ready for a full season of cross and hope to keep up the near top tens.


Ted M. said...

So, the boy can write. As reward, you make my blogroll.

Nice racing this weekend. My goal for the next race is, "don't get passed by James."

Brian said...

Nice post, keep it up.